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My first time on the sea

My first time I saw the sea when I was seven years old.

My parents have a few months to prepare for the trip, and each time they struck up a conversation on the subject, their faces lit up with happiness. Dad could spend hours talking to me about the sea, about what it is big, beautiful, beautiful. I have carefully listened to it and it seemed to me that everything I know about the sea, the more I’ve seen it many times on TV.

I was anxious to go on a trip, because the first time we went to rest the whole family. Two weeks mum and dad will be there with me, they will not have to go to work.

And the long-awaited day of departure arrived. We have a very long time went by train and arrived in the city of Simferopol. To my surprise there was no sea, but Dad explained that it is very close and very soon I will see him.

We got into the taxi, and it sped us on the hot sun highway. When we checked out of the city, the road began to climb the snake up and up into the mountains. As soon as we moved through the mountain pass, it seemed the sea.

I clung to the window and stared spellbound afraid to blink, because I thought if I close my eyes, then perfect vision disappears.

The sea was great and some magic blue. Nothing more beautiful than I’ve ever seen! Solar rays shimmered in waves, whitecaps, and this view was still fabulous. I really wanted to touch it and make sure it’s real.

When they reached the boarding house, we left things in the room and rushed towards the sea.

And here I am standing on the shore, the cool waves caress my feet. I’m trying to look to cover boundless sea, and the feeling of unprecedented joy overwhelms me.

Now I know that happiness – a father, mother, sea and me.Image#


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Today i want to talk about friendshipImage. Each of us in one way or another age ponders the question: what is the true friendship? Most of the people we believe his friends, really just our friends, that is, those that we extract from the surrounding society. We are aware of their concerns, their problems, we consider them close to us by people turn to them for help and are willingly help them in difficult times. It seems to be a great relationship – but still no full revelation. We do not trust them with your most intimate thoughts. When it comes to success, we are happy for them as for ourselves. This is not foreign to us people, among them there is a certain affinity. But can we call it friendship?
Status of friendship can only assign an honest and sincere relationship when they have a mutual feeling of good to each other and a willingness to unselfishly help any minute plus intimacy.
About friendship can argue forever, such as the meaning of life, or about love … You can watch it, but few people truly given her experience. Simply said: “Friendship is needed!” Friendship gives a great opportunity to take the other person as he cooks there, not trying to do it for themselves, to adapt to their own needs. Friendship – is the joy of communication, based on trust and confidence in the other …
And I want to say that they are mistaken who say that the friendship that existed in the distant past, has disappeared in the modern world. The world will always be filled with friends who will always give us joy. Appreciate your friends, it’s most beautiful people! They will be with you throughout the entire life!

1 year ago  we (3 freinds) travelled to Kiev with my boss and a bunch of his relatives in football. We arrived 3 hours before the start of the game and immediately bought tickets. Total there were about 12-14 commercials … We decided to take a walk around Kiev. I wanted to take a stroll through the parks, which are located around the stadium “Dynamo”, but decided to walk around the city center. There is, of course, nothing special I did not see 🙂 Also, it was quite noisy. But the company I liked, of course. On Khreschatyk wrapped into one institution, where to eat and eat cheaply. It’s called something like “Fine hut” with an inscription at the entrance “Zdoroven’ki boule!”. You go, you take tatsyu and you put on it what you want food.


Great choice, and Kiev (especially for Khreschatyk) all cheap. For example, the average price of pizza (530 grams) – 18 hryvnia. The pizza I ordered was quite tasty. Differences from Cherkassy: not prepared for the ketchup, and some sour cream,made10 minutes to whip up (the dough nezapechennoe and similar in appearance on pita bread, but the taste is OK.)


After that, we went up along the road: art. Teatralnaya, subway Golden Gates, St. Sophia’s Square. We sat and drank beer and headed to the stadium. And all this time I tried to call and arrange a meeting with friends. And as a result – overcoming difficulties even before the stadium met with one another and at the stadium – with two more 🙂 It was nice to see everyone and chat!


As for football, it was not very impressive in many ways “due to” the head coach of Dynamo, which left only two defensive backs. Full-backs worked across brow and often ran forward, getting a counterattack on their flanks. Beet resign!

Among other things, I first visited the stadium “Dinamo”. The cozy 20-thousand 🙂 favourably with those of the Olympic in terms of what you sit closer to the field. Like the well and a monument to Valery Lobanovskiy.


In general I liked the trip and brought a lot of positive emotionsImage

Favorite subject

CIT is my favorite subject. It is because I like exploring and learning new things. CIT is never boring due to there are always something new being discovered or invented. I am very glad I have CIT lessons in my Business Foundation course. It gives me chances to practice skills which I have learnt from my old school.  These are useful life skills and will definitely help when comes to my future. I have understood that the Microsoft Softwares help us in organizing and presenting. The most difficult part was to get use to the programs at the very beginning, then everything will just become very clear.

I need to learn more about the hidden functions of the Microsoft and also more about web designing. These things I have not yet familiar with. But yet still have awful lots to learn and know about.

I am being taught here in a very healthy and relax way. Our ICT teacher teaches us according to the individuals. I think this is the best way to learn because he is willing to let us try and explore first. Then when we are stuck, he will give us clear instructions or hints to lead us to achieve our tasks. We will learn from mistakes. Image

General English study is much easier to pick up compare to the academic type.  As this is my first year to study in a proper English school so my English level is not yet very fluent. However, I am especially fluent in speaking and listening due to the communication with the other international students. Through my time in Bellerbys, I have slowly built up my English from the daily life as well as the academic subjects. I am lack of vocabulary and the skills of spelling and writing.  The main difference is that for academic, you need to be particularly good at the professional terms, the structure and also the grammars. As a Russian this is harder for me because the structure of our language has nothing similar with English.

I have always been enjoying the process of learning English. Language is just like anything; practice will makes it better and perfect. The only thing that I dislike is the vocabulary part for academic use. Knowing that I can always improve from reading but the frictions that I am interested in do not help. It is also the hardest part for me. I definitely have to find a way to solve this challenging problem.

I was taught like any other language. At the beginning, I was taught the alphabets first then some simple vocabulary and gradually the grammar. When I have mastered the basics, our teachers encourage us to read more books to increase our word power. Last but not least, practice more to make my English as fluent as possible by having group discussions and exercises.





Being a Businessman has always been my dream. In order to start my education in the UK, I have to link up what I have done in Russia with the education system. Which is why, I have chosen the Business foundation course at Bellerbys. Going to university is the most basic requirement for most job applications. By going to the foundation course I could concentrate in studying what I am interested in. I have learnt a lot of knowledge that is linked to Business. Business is very fascinating. It may be because of my mother and uncle. By doing this course, it has widened my vision to the world. I have grown into a mature man.

I have never learnt anything about Business but by having a family business as a background, I surprisingly picked up the concepts fairly easily. However, I need to increase my vocabulary for all the technical terms in both Business and Economics. It is very challenging to use the right words and descriptions when my English is not yet fluent enough.

Here I am being treated like an university student. Teachers do not just tell you everything you need or what might be in the exams. Instead, it will require you to research and to learn by finding out the answers yourself.  I believe this is a very healthy way of teaching.Image

The school life in Russia and in the UK is very different. In Russia, the teaching system is very demanding and very traditional. They prefer you to listen and remember it. In contrast, the UK’s interactive educational style is much more free. Their aim is for student to understand and to absorb.

Students in Russia have a very big amount of workload compare to the UK. At young age students should be having fun and enjoying their childhood. Instead, people from our country believe in the secure base. The better the base, the easy it will be in the future. However, in Russia we still manage to arrange enough social time for the students. Our schools also very much encourage us to be involve in sports. This I think is the only similar part with the UK school life. In Russia, each class there is approximately 30 pupils. This large class size is not exactly the best for some specific students but they will just need to have extra tutorials after school if they are not able to catch up with the teaching rate. The teaching style is very robotic. Students have weekly tests plus the midterm exams and finals.

On the other hand, it feels like I am in a heaven. The school life here is so relaxing and that the teaching style is more for what we can observe and apply in different situations. Teachers are more caring due to the small class size, on average about 15 pupils per class. Homework is usually in a project form which allows you to have enough time to research and organized it. What is more, schools in England encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities as mentioned. Students here are happier and have a healthier attitude. Oppositely, students from Russia usually can cope better in Universities due to the intense training starting from the young age.Image